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PT. Gunung Hijau Sukses

Since 2009 , we are constantly produce the best snack to serve to all valuable consumers.

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We have a solid distribution team to serve all consumers to taking order and to deliver product to consumer on time.

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Product PT. Gunung Hijau Sukses

We try our best to develop our products and flafors to fulfill market demand.

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Our solid distribution team are comprises sales team and delivery team.

Sales Team:

General Manager                : 1
National Sales Manager     : 1
Sales Supervisor                : 3
Salesman                            : 14
Telesales                             : 4

DSC05650DSC05647Marketing 2 Marketing












Delivery :

Truck Double : 8
Truck Enkle   : 1
Truck Small   : 1

Driver            : 10
Helper           : 5

DSC05628DSC05631 DSC05630

Armada 3











Coverage Outlet : 

Channel    : GT
Type         : Wholesaler Semi Wholesaler
Island       : Java
Outlets     : +/- 10.000



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